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Wine Rebels: Hermosa Beach-based Rebel Coast Winery is making waves

July 14, 2014

Thanks to Our Friends at The Beach Reporter, were making waves and wine in Hermosa Beach.  Below is an article written by Michael Hixon.   Dallas-born Chip Forsythe went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to wrestle 10 years ago, but during his freshman year, he thought he was heading to Santa Barbara on a party bus with his fake ID. It was a wine tasting tour instead. “We were on the road locked in and at the end of the trip I got to see how winemakers lived and worked,” Forsythe said. “I was like, 'I want to do that.' So when we got home, I changed my major, quit wrestling and got a job at a winery.” Forsythe also...

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Bacon & Barrels

July 09, 2014

That's right...mmmmmmm bacon, wine, California sunshine. What more do you need for the perfect mix of perfection. Come join the RCW Crew and enjoy the new blend of Reckless Love while snacking on BACON of all styles. I mean come on! BACON and WINE...together?!?! My dreams have come true. Sorry Kate Upton your taking second place to this event this weekend. Find your way to Los Olivos, CA and go hog wild...yea I just made a pun. Check it out for more info on this amazing event - Bacon & Barrels.That's right RCW is gonna be climbing up the mountain to Big Bear for the 2014 Village Wine Walk in Big Bear Lake, CA. Besides pouring wine at a "high" elevation we're...

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Rebel Coast in Hermosa Beach

July 01, 2014

It's been only a few weeks since the RCW Crew moved to Hermosa Beach, CA and so far we've been making waves in the South Bay! First off we made sure we moved into a house that could fit the personality of Rebel Coast...so we acquired Jack Black's old house. Second we needed to make sure that it could handle Chip's Workshop projects, behold the garage from heaven that could only fit the imagination of Chip. Third we needed to make sure Doug had his yard to BBQ the finest feasts this side of the Mississippi and last, but not least it needed to be near the beach for Miss Kate to go take in all the CA sunshine "all...

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Back to the South Bay

May 19, 2014

So you made it to the blog....and your looking for the rest of the story are you? Well let's make it fun...call either 214-886-2882 and ask for Chip or call 818-425-3354 and ask for Doug. You wanted the fun version so here's your chance to get it first hand. Your welcome.

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NorCal...We're Coming at Ya!...Again!

April 01, 2014

So the RCW crew is going to be hitting the road for Northern California and attending the SF Vintners Market this April. Basically, we're there to serve about 6,000 classy drunk people some of our fermented grape juice we call Reckless Love. Hell we might even make some new friends or change a relationship status by the end of the 2 day wine extravaganza. Anything goes when it comes to these kinds of wine events. So if your down to come get in a little trouble and meet us come on up! APRIL 12th & 13thFort Mason CenterMarina Blvd. and Buchanan St.San Francisco, CA 94123

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DUB G...Where you be?

March 24, 2014

If you are in the Bay Area and continue to miss wine tastings...well, we have another shot for you this Wednesday the 26th at 5:30PM. We will have our crew out there doing their thing. We'll have some delicious wine for you and some other goodies. Can you see free mustache tattoos and mason jars!?! Our most fly sales rep Kyle will be there to show you the ropes and answer your questions... oh yeah and Doug will be there too - so if you have Tinder, get ready for Doug to click like on you all day.What: Reckless Love Wine TastingWhen: Wednesday, March 26th at 5:30PMWhere: The Grapevine, Willow Glen1389 Lincoln Ave San Jose, CA 95125

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Wine Tasting... Again? Why the hell not!?!

March 11, 2014

You're probably saying to yourself...What the heck? RCW is doing another awesome event...? Well the answer is yes, yes we are. This one is taking place in Solvang, CA and the scene of this wine tasting is going to be El Rancho Marketplace. If you live in the Solvang area and want to feel like you're in the movie "Sideways" then come on out and try our delicious flagship wine, Reckless Love. Oh yah, we almost forgot to mention that our man Tom is hosting this tasting again...so say hello.

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Heads Up Pismo...Reckless Love Wine Tasting

March 06, 2014

We know how much you folks out there have commitment issues. Similar to that dating game of yours, you will ask yourself...do I even really like this person? So, we are giving you another opportunity to "date" us...before falling in love with our delicious wine. Grab your friends or that one co-worker of yours that you stomach long enough to say, "I guess they're my friend" and head down to California Fresh Market in Pismo Beach Saturday, March 8th.  We will be sampling our flagship wine, Reckless Love from 4 to 7PM.Be sure to say hello to Tom!

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2014 RCW Photo Shoot

February 14, 2014

Just like our buddy Long Duk Dong famously said in the movie, Sixteen Candles, we like to keep you all informed with what is going on around here at Rebel Coast Winery. Recently we headed down to the beach and spent the day with 6 of the hottest chicks you could imagine and for our 2014 Spring Photo Shoot. We had the privileged of working with the best girls, photographers, Roland Sands Designs, and L.A. County's finest (making sure we had the right permits) on a great day in SoCal. Since most of you are just like us and can't wait for anything, we are going to go ahead and give you a teaser of what you could expect.Enjoy

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Reckless Love Wine Tasting Event

February 11, 2014

Hey Bay Area! Our Blend of Oakville Cab and Paso Robles Syrah will get your night kicked off just right and if you're looking for a place to taste our most fabulous Reckless Love then look no further than The Wine Room Palo Alto.This Wednesday they will be hosting a tasting event with our Sales Ninja Susana. Come out and ask all the questions your heart desires...not to mention, try some of the wine and see what you're missing from your selection.Where: The Wine Room Palo AltoTime: 5-8PMAddress: 520 Ramona St. Palo Alto, CA 94301

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