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Born and raised in the tobacco fields of Cuba, Patrick eventually made his way onto the Cuban Olympic Cigar Rolling team. During the ’06 World Cigar Cup (held in Miami) Patrick defected to chase his American dream of selling weed wine. He bounced around South Carolina, then Kentucky, while peddling Chiclets gum to random passersby (in order to make his way to Cali.) He acquired and honed an undeniable knack for selling things that people never knew they needed.  Still, he knew he wasn’t ready to enter the world of cannabis wine.  He cracked open books, studied ‘Rocky’ films (frame by frame), and practiced yoga atop mountains. Once his training montage ended, he found himself on the doorstep of Rebel Coast Galactic HQ.  We offered him a lucrative contract worth TENS of Peruvian dollars.  The rest, as they say, is history.