FEB. 13, 2019

Hey guys! Valentine’s Day is almost here, so if you’re secretly in love with us, NOW would be a good time to speak up!

While we’re on the topic of love:  People seem to send us a fair share of it. So, in the spirit of courtly love (not to be confused with singer, Courtney Love…although we’re sure she’d have a colorful opinion of our THC wine) we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite comments. Enjoy!

We’re bottling!!

So, there was a buzz going around the office last month when we thought we were going to begin bottling! (Unfortunately, that buzz turned out to be our AC Unit going bad.)  This time the rumors are true and our taste buds are tingling! We’re officially set to begin production on Feb. 15, 2019!

New & Improved Taste!!

If you liked the wine from our first bottling run, you’re going to LOVE our latest batch!  Our winemaker, Chip, crafted this new recipe, when inspired by a Himalayan salt rock on his desk. This new recipe is kept secret between Chip, Josh, & the Bush’s Baked Beans’ dog. It’s so good, we even tracked down all of the kids from the old Kix cereal commercials in the 90s for a focus group.  We are proud to announce that our new wine is ‘Kid-Tested & Mother-Approved!

“What’d you think, Kranjis?”

* Paid advertisement. He was compensated with a lifetime supply of wine. (or 5 bottles / whichever comes first)

Bust out your calendars and grab a pen!

We’ve got some ‘Save The Dates’ for you.

We can’t pour our cannabis wine at these events, but our traditional wines, Reckless Love & Sunday Funday will be there!

South Bay Wine & Beer Festival
Ernie Howlett Park, Rolling Hills Estates
May 19, 2019

Beach Cities Beer & Wine Festival
Seaside Lagoon – Redondo Beach
April 18, 2019

Vintners Estates
Golden Gate Club – Presidio
April 13th & 14th 2019
San Francisco


Your money is going to a great cause! We were looking for a $250,000 marketing expense to write-off and couldn’t think of a more philanthropic way!



If you ever watch late night talk shows, you’ll know that sometimes guest appearances are cut, due to time (We’re looking at you, Matt Damon.)

We planned on introducing our newest hires in January, but the copy didn’t make it in time. By now, our latest team members have started to lose that ‘new car smell’ so we figured it was time to give you guys an intro.

Director of Marketing: Priestley Pring

Our Director of Marketing, Priestley, was hired back in October. His first interview consisted of a fake mustache, 4 beers, & 63 F-bombs (Seriously, we counted!) In spite of his blatant disregard for common professionalism and astounding inability to grow facial hair, we offered him a sizeable pay cut to come on board! Fast-forward to today, and I’m literally writing the newsletters you’ve been reading (in 3rd person) Priestley is like, the best thing ever! #AD (They make me put #AD after polarizing statements that may not be shared by the rest of the company)

We also hired a new Territory Sales Manager for Los Angeles, Gina Veragoudar.
She’s been hittin’ the pavement and working hard to bring us to dispensaries near you! We know what you’re thinking, “This stuff sells itself!” You’re not wrong, but we needed someone to make the initial connection with dispensaries and maintain solid relationships with our key partners on the forefront. With over 12 years of sales experience, she’s been steam rolling all over Los Angeles! If you spot her at your dispensary, give her a high five!

Lastly, we wanted to introduce you to another member, but we ran out of time, so we’ll have to bump him. We don’t want to say who, out of respect, so we’ll just call him Ben S. (actually that’s too obvious) We’ll just call him B. Slome. Apologies to B. Slome… Next time.

Q&A w/Our CFO

In this new installment, we will be focusing on getting to know the co-founders of Rebel Coast.It will be a hard-hitting piece with what we hope will unveil a level of transparency with a profound and cerebral understanding of our day to day processes through our own in-house finance guru. In this month’s segment, we bring you a “Question & Answer” with CFO, Josh Lizotte.

Q. What was the best thing before sliced bread?
Q. hmm…I don’t think we’re allowed to publish that.

And that wraps up our inaugural Q&A with a CFO.

A few months ago, we decided to order some custom, one-of-a-kind, fancy Rebel Coast rolling papers for personal use at the office.  A limited-edition of 100 packs were to be made and the mold was to be destroyed forever.

Unfortunately, due to a little data entry typo, we’re now sitting on an extra 9,900 packs of rolling papers, burning a hole in our pockets. Which takes us to our next question…



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