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Hey! We’re a winery from Sonoma with an office in Redondo Beach, CA. We decided to head down this crazy path of Infused Wine and need a shit load of help with just about everything, but mainly bookkeeper type stuff, for both companies (regular and infused wine). Basically we need help with all the $$$$ stuff and are looking for a part-timer to come in 2/3 times a week and process orders, handle bill-backs, run payroll through ADP, drink wine, reconcile QuickBooks do general accounting and data entry (we have a CPA), handle AR & AP and keep us from writing run-on sentences…. This is like a 50/50 work remotely type of a job. As long as you get everything done we are good to go. Do you hate working weekends? Same. This is Mon-Fri. Unless you want to come drink, (I mean work), with us at wine festivals and events on the weekend. Sounds chill right? It totally is, but… dear 8 pound, 6 ounce newborn infant baby Jesus, do not reach out to us if you are from some shitty fly-over state looking for a change of career and wanting to move to California because your dick boss pissed you off for the last time. That’s not the type of person we’ll be hanging out with or hiring, so don’t waste either of our time. Seriously we are not for everybody, so please please please check out our website first.

Here is specifically what we need help with:

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable: Once a week you will have to call or send out reminder emails to 5-10 distributors. We don’t have a crazy billing cycle, but managing this and cutting checks is something you will be in charge of.
  • Licensing and compliance: We have a state compliance firm that handles all the details for this, but we still need to stay on top of different states compliance, and registering our wines in each state.
  • Order placement: We receive PO’s from 36 different distributors throughout the month. Invoices need to be created, and the wine needs to be picked up. Each distributor uses a different freight consolidator, but the wine is always picked up at our warehouse in Napa. The daily data entry is easy, it is literally copy and pasting information and emailing it to the same place every day, but it has to be done every day before 10 am for orders to get out in time.
  • Problem-solving: We need as much help as possible with every aspect of our business. That means if you are down we have many more roles that need to be filled. So once you get the data entry thing locked down we can start loading up your plate if you’re in for the good run!
  • Financial planning and forecasting: Basically some CFO stuff. We are a startup and need as much help as possible with every aspect of our business.

You must have 3+ years experience with QuickBooks online and fulfillment. We are chill, but not going to sit there and show you how to categorize assets on a P&L sheet. Also, we are old school, face time matters so you must live close to our office in the South Bay.

Start date: Right meow.

Compensation: DOE but figure around $20/hour.

Email me ONLY after you have Googled us, it’s ComeWork@RebelCoast. Just promise me you’re not one of those lame ass people who just shotgun out resumes without reading the job description, and have no qualifications, that’s just annoying. In fact, if you do that, and your address is in the header of your resume, I’ll be mailing a bag of gorilla shit to you for being the person you are. It’s called and they have my card on file.