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French Rosé got Muiris interested in wine while attending college in Montpelier, France. As his beverage of choice, it inspired him to get into the business. Interestingly enough, his entire life story became one big coincidence with Rebel Coast.  When we were developing our new Rosé, we needed to add another winemaker and the job description literally read “Looking for a rosé-loving winemaker with at least 12.9 years of experience, with an education in France. (6 degrees of separation from Mark Wahlberg is not required, but is a plus!)” His resume actually read “An Irishman with dual-citizenship, having studied wine in France, 13 years of experience, and Donnie Wahlberg’s third cousin, twice removed! We offered him no money up front (seriously) and he came onboard. We knew this was a match in wine-making history.