Marijuana Infused Sauvignon Blanc

 Yes, this is a real thing. We infused Sauvignon Blanc with marijuana. meaning it has THC in it, which is awesome.   We have always been proud of the wines we make, and this is no different. Its not a bong water smelling slop, it's actualy insainly good. It smells like marijuana and tastes like a  Sauvignon Blanc. The problem is, we (Rebel Coast Winery) can't legally sell marijuana... Something about it being federally illegal still, and every winery is federally licensed.  Lame, I know..   Soooo, we started another company that can sell it :)

(Turns our lawyers are pretty awesome sometimes).

  Everything is going to launch November 10th, 2017.  You will be able to pre-order this THC infused Sauvignon Blanc then, and we will legally be able to ship everything January 1st, 2018, once everything goes recreational in CA.  We can't ship over state lines, and can only sell to people over 21, so change your mailing address, and get that fake ID... I'm looking at you, Sara.

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