Lost By Choice California Red Blend


In each case of wine, there are 8 different labels. We could not decide on just one picture to describe a wine like Lost by Choice, so we went through and found our favorite photos of us goofing around outside, and had Tiaan Schreuder illustrate them. Now even though this South African is a good artist he is a shitty roommate! But, we liked them all so much we decided to use all 8 :)   Also the back label peels off to reveal no bs conversation starters.  We want people to get to know each other on a deeper level besides talking about sports teams of the weather. 


Right off the bat, you will experience cranberry, ripe raspberry with hints of cherry followed by hints of toasted vanilla oak.


Immediately the bright red fruit dances on your tongue.  The cherry and raspberry on the nose are carried all the way through this wine, while the tannins carry a smooth finish. There is a perfectly balanced transition from the front pallet to a medium tannin finish. This wine is bright in color, and bright on the pallet, leaving the drinker craving another sip.  Perfect for exploring the beaches on warm summer day, or watching your buddy strike out with strangers at a secret cliff jumping spot.