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Why no alcohol?

Legally no one’s allowed to mix alcohol and THC. So while you may be bummed that we followed the rules here and took the alcohol out, you’ll be pleased to know each glass only has 35 calories and there are no hangovers in this bottle. You’re welcome.

How strong is it?

40mg of THC is in every bottle, which comes out to ~10mg of THC in each glass. If you are new to this dosage and mg thing, that is not particularly strong—the states permits up to 10mg per serving.  After one glass you won’t be thinking your couch is a hippo with short legs or anything. Our goal is not to kill you after you’ve had a few glasses. The goal is to get giggly and naked with someone. We set out to mimic the experience you’d find with traditional wine; a couple glasses will put most people in a great place.

Similar concept with booze–if you want to get wasted– rip some shots, if you want to get really stoned– take some dabs.

What is the palette?

This has every character of an actual wine. It has high acid, with bright citrus, and a crisp clean finish. Our blend does not taste strongly of marijuana; instead, it powers the mouthfeel. It’s crisp, refreshing and best served naked.


This is a long explanation, but you’re about to shell out some serious cash on something you’ve never heard of before and has never existed before now, so we’re betting you’ll read on.

Like our other wines Reckless Love and SUNDAY FUNDAY, these grapes are grown in warm Sonoma, California. But unlike our other wines the have no THC and only alcohol, REBEL COAST has THC in it, and it will intoxicate you.  With the passing of Prop 64, cannabis is now legal in California for adult-use. But, there’s a catch: no one (in any state) is allowed to sell alcohol in the same location as marijuana (or combine them in the same product).  Meaning you won’t be seeing pre-rolled joints behind the counter at a 7/11 anytime soon. Why are we telling you this? Because this law forced us to do some mad scientist shit.

Almost every winemaker worth his salt has indulged in marijuana… duh… The two love the same climates, think Humbolt neighbor Napa.  Growing the two together is very easy also. You can literally throw a couple cannabis seeds into a vineyard that already has trellises and irrigation and they’ll grow into beautiful girls.  Oh, and both plants harvest around the same time in September-October. It’s a match made in heaven.

There is an old school (and illegal) way of making weed wine. In the past when the grapes arrive at the winery they are immediately removed from their stems and pressed. After the juice is transferred to a tank, fermentation begins. The yeast eats the sugar and creates heat, CO2 and alcohol. Meanwhile, the cannabis crop is harvested, trimmed and dried. To activate the THC cannabinoids, the flower is heated in ovens, and the cannabis is added to the partially-fermented white wine.  Five days later the flower is strained out like tea leaves, and the wine is aged the wine for 8-12 months, and boom,– marijuana-infused wine. Our winemaker at Rebel Coast was taught this as an apprentice back in 2004. It is super simple and SUPER ILLEGAL! Like, SUPER illegal.

Now, if we did it that way we would lose the whole winery and then do jail time.  No Bueno. But we did not give up and knew there was a way to make this work, (you have to remember that we really like cannabis, the taste of wine, and staying out of jail).

That was when the idea came: “Why don’t we make the wine, remove the alcohol, then infuse it with THC?!”  Freaking gold right there, right? NOPE. Turns out it’s way harder than it sounds, and there are no books or classes to take because no one has ever done it before.  So, long story short, after a ton, we mean a ton of trial and error we can proudly say we succeeded in making  the world’s first cannabis-infused alcohol-removed beverages! And now that we are 100% licensed and legal,  we can legally sell if you live in CA… and are over 21.

Pretty cool, right? We think so too and we’re stoked to share it with you.